Information about Yard Sale Helper


Community Marketplace

Yard Sale Helper is an online marketplace designed to deliver quality service to both sellers and buyers all around the United States. Yard Sale Helper is designed to provide local communities with an easy-to-use, trusted and reliable online platform where they can sell, rent items and offer services to make extra cash. All payments are done through PayPal, sellers and buyers are eligible for PayPal Seller & Buyer Protection which gives both the seller and buyers peace of mind throughout each transaction.

Yard Sale Helper is the first and only online yard sale marketplace in the world that allows online payments.

Our environment is secure, supportive, and convenient for all. No need to leave your homes or spend hours setting up a yard sale now because we are here to deliver an unparalleled online marketplace experience to all our users!

What Do We Offer?

Our platform isn’t restricted to specific items. As the name suggests, it is a yard sale which means you can sell and purchase almost anything possible. From products to services, we offer them all! From home appliances and furniture to electronic equipment and entertainment goods, you can sell, rent or purchase them all. Furthermore, in terms of services, the most common include online classes, virtual assistant, digital marketing, house cleaning, electrical, plumbing, and assisting services.

Yard Sale Helper's platform uses optimized tactics to promote your products to targeted customers to ensure fast sales. On the other hand, we ensure that buyers get access to all the necessary information that they need to enjoy amazing products at the most affordable rates. We also offer a direct communication system between sellers and buyers. Sellers and buyers can exchange messages before, during, and after the transaction to build a level of trust amongst the Yard Sale Helper community.

Our inclusivity and diversity make us unique and helps us stand out from the other marketplaces in the world. We provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. With us, you can have it all – from furniture to tutor services, one can do all!